Either you believe you are a creator or you do not. While you might have vacillated between these two beliefs throughout your life, at some point you have to take the leap, you have to claim the power you hold as a human being — the power to create.

This choice is within you in every moment. This power to create is immense and it is loving. It wants to give. It wants to pour itself into the world as an expression of love and compassion and joy.

Can you feel this?

For ten years, I taught a 10-week course…

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“Whether a woman is efficient or brilliant in spheres hitherto deemed masculine, or whether she remains in a traditionally feminine role, modern woman must discriminate and relate to the image of the spirit, while at the same time maintaining her roots in her basic feminine nature — that which receives, nourishes, and gives birth on all levels of being through her awareness of the earth and her ability to bring up the water of life from under the earth. All her true creativeness springs from this.”
Helen Luke, Jungian, 1904–1995

The pull of my hara, my belly, my sacrum…

First new buds of Spring on Imbolc

When the pandemic first hit and we quickly sheltered-in-place here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I started walking. A lot. Trying to find a way to make up for not going to the gym. I tend to love a good, hot, sweaty cardio session, sometimes upward of an hour. It can take a bit of time to settle out of my head and back into my body. So, I walked, often. There was one route that would become my regular route. I imagine it is about 2.5 miles long. I’ve never measured it, but it felt like 2.5 miles…

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.
— Pablo Neruda

25 years: Living into an Uncertain Future

At around 4:00 pm on the day he died (at around 4:00 am), I didn’t think I could live. It was hard to breathe. It was hard for my mind to imagine a future without him, to even consider the reality of the rest of my life without him.

But, as we humans do, I found a way to face an impossible reality — I found what I could do. Ten minutes. I heard myself say to myself, “Just handle the next ten minutes…

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Sunlight streaming in as you and I move. Together. In sync. Our breath grows more alive. Reaches up from the belly where something else begins to sound.

And then, I feel Her. Deep wailing. Her children are suffering. All of Her children are suffering. She is grieving. Her tears flow into my heart and my eyes begin to pool. My heart quivers and you come closer.

In sync. The ache in my eyes calls out to you and you respond. You pull me down into you. Into Her. Your soft golden skin the color of your heart. And you hold…


“The God whom I know dwells quietly in the root system of the very nature of things.” — Parker J. Palmer

It is 2002. I’m sitting on a bench, just outside the Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley that sits directly across from the Claremont Resort. It is a beautiful spot in the world. I’m just out of school, still finding myself unwinding from three intense years of school. Having gone back to school and transferred to Stanford at 42 to finish my undergraduate degree, I find myself in a new world, seemingly miles away from my previous life prior to school…

Healing the Violence in Our World


Each of us is alive with a beating heart. Each of us sees the beauty of this world. Each of us knows pain and suffering, compassion and joy. Each of us is connected to something greater than ourselves even if we cannot name it.

What is it that beats your human heart, breathes in the breath of the world into you, and allows you to feel and respond to this world’s beauty?

There is nothing more important than returning to a state of grace, communion, and trust with one’s Source within. No relationship is more important than the relationship between…

Learning to live our Essential Nature through a Very Human Body.


“Léon Wurmser once defined creativity as ‘the heroic transcendence of shame’ (The Mask of Shame pg 291). To the extent that one is the very best at something or that one strives to be the best, one risks alienation from the remainder of humanity. In some cultures, Wurmser pointed out, anyone who dares to rise above the horde is shamed into emotional exil. Self-definition can be a risky business.”
— Donald L Nathanson

I’m reading Nathanson’s book, Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and the Birth of the Self. It’s a brilliant, well-written book. I am not yet done, by far…

“In reality, though, speech is not a delivery system — it is a means of discovery. It enables a speaker to give spontaneous, tangible form to her thoughts and feelings.” Philip Shepherd, Radical Wholeness


Grrrrr. Grrrrr.

There’s a big vat of stubbornness here. I won’t let go. I don’t want to let go. They should have cared. They should have listened to me, allowed me to speak. They made me shut myself up. They told me to be seen, not heard.

This isn’t right. Children must have a voice. It’s not natural to make children be silent, too polite. What happens to…

Julie Daley

Leadership Coach & Mentor; Educator, Speaker. I guide people back to their own inner source and an unshakable self-trust.

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